Research Topic

Cloud computing; Improving the intelligence, reliability and efficiency of reosurce management in large-scale distributed systems.


  • Tianjin University Full-English Course Construction Project: Cloud Computing, 2015
  • Tianjin City Application Foundation and Cutting-edge Technology Research Program, Youth project: Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization for Scheduling in Uncertain Cloud. 2014-2017
  • NSFC: Joint Scheduling of Computation, Data and Network for Geo-distributed Cloud Services. 2015-2017

Related Books

  • <Distributed Computing: Fundamentals, Simulations, and Advanced Topics (2nd Ed.)> .H. Attiya and J. Welch. Wiley 2004. A discussion of distributed computing with a strong theoretical bias.
  • <Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms (2nd Ed.)>. A.S. Tanenbaum and M. van Steen, Prentice Hall, 2007. This book provides a good starting point, with an informal presentation style.
  • <Distributed Systems, 2nd Edition>, S. Mullender. ACM Press, Addison-Wesley, MA, 1994.
    This book, which contains the lecture notes from a summer course on Distributed Computing, discusses important aspects of both the theory and the practice of distributed computing. The authors include many of the leading researchers in the area.
  • <Distributed Computing Principles, Algorithms, and Systems>. Ajay D. Kshemkalyani, Mukesh Singhal.
  • <Fault tolerant systems>. Israel Koren and C. Mani Krishna